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tel   203.321.1200 offers a limited number of Platinum level corporate memberships which provide enhanced value. The Platinum level membership plan is available to only 100 companies and will generate significant and consistent exposure to thousands of potential clients.

For little more than a penny per day, you can have your membership stand out from the hundreds of other virtual office locations listed on our global directory.

  • Platinum membership, our highest level of recognition, entitles you to the most that has to offer
  • Look for exclusive Platinum member offers, mailed to you throughout the year
  • Your own Platinum members page just a click away from the Home page.
  • An investment that will secure your membership and protect your capital which will appreciate in value
  • Platinum membership – Tailored to meet the aspirations of the most discerning individual
  • Exclusively yours... Only 100 Platinum Member based memberships will ever be issued to our registry clients
  • Best of the best – The choice is yours!
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